Charlie Shapiro, Founder & President

Charlie Shapiro founded Massmedia, Inc. in 1990, and has worked with national brands plus local and regional businesses including banks, technology firms, retail, and an extensive list of higher educational institutions.

Shapiro is a brand builder and media professional and helps clients achieve tangibly better results through a smarter & more strategic use of traditional and new media. Shapiro is responsible for strategy, negotiating, and placement of over 50 million dollars in advertising purchases on behalf of clients and takes pride in increasing media effectiveness without an increase in budget.

Shapiro is systematically working through his bucket list.  Currently checked off the list are:  certified scuba diver, flew an F/A-18 Hornet fighter jet with the Blue Angels, and won a car on The Price Is Right.

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Debra Shapiro, Vice President

The backbone of the company, Debra oversees project management and financial aspects of Massmedia.

Debra started working with computers back when they were called “PCs” (Personal Computers) to differentiate them from mainframes, and 312 KB memory was flat-out amazing.  After several years creating innovative ways to link spreadsheets across regions for insurance companies and banks (long before the internet made that a snap), she started consulting, working with development companies including interests in golf courses, condos, and horse farms.

Debra spent time in South Carolina and London…and New Hampshire where she accepted a temp job at a radio station, met her husband, where her professional business easily transitioned to the world of media.  She worked with her husband managing radio stations and subsequently co-founded Massmedia.

Massmedia was founded in 1991, at the very dawn of the World Wide Web.  As the internet became more graphic-capable, Ms. Shapiro was able to join her knowledge of art, computers, and business, and became one of the few who can create the strategic design of a website, code it, and also make it pretty.