Launch Your Podcast

Massmedia is your one-stop shop for everything you need to start or upgrade your podcasting project.
Our focus is to help you structure, launch, grow your audience, and ultimately monitize your podcast.

See an example of our work at www.airlinesconfidential.com which is has now exceeded 125,000 downloads.

We’ll provide you with:

  • An equipment list and a “no-surprises” budget tailored to your specific situation
  • Turn-Key purchasing of all needed equipment based on your budget and related to studio or mobile physical space available
  • Complete installation and set-up of all equipment
  • Initial instruction and training (in-person and/or video conferencing) by highly experienced broadcast and podcast professionals

Launch your podcast in just 3 weeks…or even sooner!

Set-up and training includes:

  • professional microphone technique
  • show formatting for better listener engagement
  • set-up and training using standard mobile phone for interviews
  • set-up of production elements (music, sound effects, if desired)
  • audio file structure and technical format (.wav .mp3)
  • podcast distribution and choice of podcast platform
  • submission for approval to Apple, Google, iHeart, Stitcher, and other platforms

Additional optional services:

  • post-production editing
  • SEO, SEM, Google strategies for increased awareness

Personal Podcasting

  • individual podcasting  – tell the world your story, showcase your creativity, and more.

Podcasting for business:

  • small business podcasting – a low-cost additional marketing tool
  • corporate podcasting  – control and enhance how your brand is perceived
  • commercial podcasting  – use as internal communications tool and/or grass roots style exterior marketing avenue.

Chamber of Commerce podcasting

  • increased member value proposition
  • provide additional content for Chamber website
  • increase messaging opportunities for members and chamber
  • offer in-podcast sponsorship and generate additional revenue

Interested in Podcasting?

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